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Minnesota Reconciling Congregations

at Twin Cities Pride Festival 2022

Reconciling United Methodist Congregations are:

A NATIONAL NETWORK of churches, groups and individuals which support each other in carrying out their Christian ministry of witness and outreach.

PROCLAIMING AND LIVING OUT the simple, powerful message of hospitality and love revealed by Jesus Christ.

DIVERSE COMMUNITIES which are large and small; urban, suburban, rural; young and old; many races and cultures.

This growing, grass roots movement is transforming the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Since 1984, the Reconciling Congregation movement has grown to more than 861 Reconciling Congregations, Campus Ministries and Annual Conferences. It also encompasses over 34,000 Reconciling United Methodists who publicly witness to “open the doors” of the church to the participation of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

JOIN US in this vital Christian movement that seeks to fulfill the Biblical teaching that we are to LOVE God and our neighbor as ourselves and to do JUSTICE.

Minnesota Reconciling Congregations Calendar

MRC regular meeting – July 14, 7 pm, Zoom

MRC regular meeting – Sept. 8, 7 pm, Zoom

MRC regular meeting – Nov. 10, 7 pm, Zoom

To receive email notices of monthly meetings, contact minnesotareconciling@gmail.com

Counting Down the Days Until the

2024 General Conference! 

Get Involved to Resist Harm

Join the Resist Harm Movement!

Many advocacy groups within the UMC have joined together form Resist Harm.

The Resist Harm Movement stands firmly within our Wesleyan tradition of the wideness of God’s grace in a broken world in need of Christ’s love. In light of the Traditional Plan passed by the Special General Conference 2019, we cannot remain silent and thereby complicit with legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ persons and that meets pastoral care with punishment.  Unfortunately the scheduled 2020 General Conference had to be postponed due to the need limit exposure to the Covid 19 virus, so the harm continues.

In a spirit of humility and in a wounded Church of differing convictions, we the people of the Resist Harm movement are compelled to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves and especially as it relates to LGBTQ persons who are the target of the Traditional Plan and other discriminatory provisions in The United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline.

Find out how to support this movement at www.resistharm.com

Inclusive Methodists….building a new Church

After more than 40 years of ongoing debate at each of the General Conference meetings of the UMC,  once again in 2019 at a Special Session of the General Conference the denomination failed to remove the harmful language and restrictions with respect to LGBTQ persons and instead passed more restrictive legislation.   So our work continues to warm hearts and open minds.

We stand ready to assist local churches to determine if they want to join us as advocates for change within the institution and become Reconciling Congregations.

We will reach out in mission to members of the LGBTQ community to welcome them to our churches and to affirm them as children of God.

After being postponed due to continuing COVID-19 disruption,  the next United Methodist Church’s General Conference is now scheduled for 2024.

Countdown until the next General Conference
UMC General Conference 2024

Minnesota Reconciling Congregations


Inclusive and

Spirit Filled!

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Directory of the Minnesota Reconciling Churches

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Outreach Activities

Pride Parade

Twin Cities Pride is one of the largest Pride Celebrations in the United States.  It  represents a phenomenal outreach opportunity by our Minnesota Reconciling Congregations to show their support for the LGBTQ community.

With a festival booth in Loring Park and our parade unit, we share God’s love for all.

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Festival Booth

Advocating for Change

Our Core Positions

We seek the removal of all hurtful language in the UMC Book of Discipline that is directed at homosexuals and the LGBTQ community.

In a call for Biblical Obedience, we support an Altar for All to allow UMC Clergy to perform marriages to any prepared couple.

We support the ordination and service of LGBTQ individuals who are called to ministry within the UMC.

Helping Churches Become Reconciling

Customized Support and Resources

The Reconciling Ministries Network and the Minnesota Reconciling Congregations provide support and materials that you need to help your Church become a Reconciling Congregation.

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Reconciling Process Resources – May 2022

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Marriage Equality and the United Methodist Church

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To receive email notices of monthly meetings, contact minnesotareconciling@gmail.com

Location:         Virtual meetings via Zoom

When:              The second Thursday of the month at 7 pm

Meeting Months:   January, March, May, July, September, and November