People of Bethel in the sanctuary

Featured Congregation

Bethel United Methodist Church

                  2116 Commerce Blvd., Mound, Minnesota 55364

Bethel United Methodist Church was one of the first churches to be established on the western edge of Lake Minnetonka. We are one of Minnesota’s newest Reconciling congregations and have celebrated more than 130 years of service and praise to God in the community of Mound.

Our congregation was shocked by the 2019 General Conference vote against LGBTQ inclusion.  The Church Executive Team began conversations assessing the congregation’s concerns in April and soon discovered strong support among members for becoming reconciling.  More conversations over the summer, worship, and reflection on who Bethel wanted to be as a church led to a nearly unanimous approval by November 2019.

“We are on a continuing journey of opening our hearts and being more inclusive,” said Church Council President Liz Friday.  “Everyone is valued in the eyes of God. We want to see them as God seems them.”

Bethel UMC averages 50-70 worshipers on a weekend, an attendance that has continued on-line during COVID-19 times.   Though we are a small congregation, our loyal and attentive members range from families with children to adults nearing and enjoying retirement.  Feeding people is one of Bethel’s strengths whether serving at Feed My Starving Children or supporting meals at the Simpson Shelter.   The faith community of Bethel strives to genuinely grow together in love and discipleship. As our reconciling statement says, ”We openly and genuinely welcome and celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of all people.”