Twin Cities Pride

Twin Cities Pride is one of the largest Pride Celebrations in the United States.  It represents a phenomenal outreach opportunity for our Minnesota Reconciling Congregations to show their support for the LGBTQ community

With a Festival booth and our parade unit, we share God’s love for all.

In 2021, the Pride Festival will be held July 17-18 at Loring Park. More details here.

Twin Cities Pride Festival

  • The Festival is held at Loring Park in Minnesota on a Saturday and Sunday in June.

  • Minnesota Reconciling Congregations regularly hosts a booth to connect with Festival attendees.

    • We listen, answer questions, and help people find a Reconciling Congregation near them.

    • We hand out a Peace Sign Medallion Necklace and a business card with our web address.

Pride March

  • The March happens on a Sunday in June.  (NOTE: 2021 event will not occur due to limited time and resources.)

  • Minnesota Reconciling Congregations regularly participate as we walk the route to Loring park with colored ribbons and signs naming each Reconciling Church.

    • We welcome folks from all member churches to join us.