Marriage Equality

In 2011, UMC clergy increasingly begin to publicly state that they would no longer discriminate in their ministries by denying full rights and opportunities to LGBTQ+ persons.  This included officiating at same sex weddings or blessing ceremonies.  “Altar for All” became a movement within Reconciling congregations.  Almost 3,000 United Methodist clergy, laity, and congregations across the world signed statements committing themselves to fulfill their vow to ministry by marrying or blessing couples regardless of their gender.  This commitment by clergy was in opposition to the Book of Discipline (the church law).

At the 2020 General Conference, held in 2024, the ban on same sex weddings was removed.  This does not mean that a same-sex couple can be married at any UM Church.  Churches and clergy can choose whether or not they will hold same sex weddings.

If you would like to have your wedding performed by a clergy member of the United Methodist Church, please contact a pastor at one of our Minnesota Reconciling Congregations and they can provide assistance.