Marriage Equality

An Altar for All

Almost 3,000 United Methodist clergy, laity, and congregations across the world have signed statements committing themselves to fulfill their vow to ministry by marrying or blessing couples regardless of their gender.   Marriage for gay and lesbian couples is legal in Minnesota.

When parishioners come to their pastors to request that they officiate at their weddings, ministers face a conflict between their vow to minister to their whole congregation and their vow to uphold the Book of Discipline which asks them to deny ministry to some of their members. In the face of these conflicts, clergy are making conscientious decisions for ministry rather than exclusion. These clergy believe that to do so is a faithful act of witness that claims Jesus’ command to “love God and neighbor.”

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If you would like to have your wedding performed by a clergy member of the United Methodist Church, please contact a pastor at one of our Minnesota Reconciling Congregations and they can provide assistance by helping you locate a clergy member who is willing to consider your request.