Celebrating Minnesota’s Reconciling Connections

Minnesota has a long history with the Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church.  Wesley UMC in Minneapolis became the first MN Reconciling Congregation early in 1987.  It was one of the oldest congregations in Minneapolis. It began the Reconciling process in 1981 when it was asked to host Affirmation, an organization that challenges the United Methodist Church to be inclusive, and radically speaks out against injustice for LGBTQ people around the world.  Affirmation “gave birth” to Reconciling Ministries Program, now Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN).  The Wesley Congregation was discontinued in 2007.

By the winter of 1997, there were seven MN Reconciling Congregations.  Only four of them – Good Samaritan, Hennepin Avenue, Prospect Park and Walker Community remain active congregations.  Over the years, we have gradually added Reconciling Congregations, a Reconciling Campus Ministry, and a Reconciling University.  We now have 33 active Reconciling Congregations. With the addition of Detroit Lakes UMC, we have at least one Reconciling Congregation in every District within the MN Annual Conference.  This is something to celebrate!

So how does Minnesota compare with our neighbors?

  • Dakotas AC (North and South Dakota) – 1 Reconciling Congregation

  • Iowa AC – 21 Reconciling Congregations

  • Wisconsin AC – 35 Reconciling Congregations

Minnesota has a strong Reconciling history and presence, but our work is far from complete!  If you are in a Reconciling Congregation, when you talk with people from non-Reconciling congregations, share with them why it’s important to you to be in a Reconciling Congregation.  If you’re in a Congregation that isn’t yet Reconciling, consider beginning the Reconciling process.  If your congregation isn’t supportive but there is a group of people who wish to become part of the Reconciling movement, consider becoming a Reconciling community.  If you would like information or support in this process, email minnesotareconciling@gmail.com or go to the Reconciling Ministries Network website https://rmnetwork.org