The Well


We are The Well. We believe that all people are children of God, unconditionally loved by our Creator regardless of age, ethnicity, marital status, gender, race, socio-economic background, physical, mental and emotional ability, and sexual orientation. We are a community that celebrates LGBTQIA+ and straight marriages, welcomes LGBTQIA+ and straight clergy and supports all people as they seek to discern calls to ministry. We strive to live like Jesus. We prioritize children, inclusivity, and a nonpartisan aim for the Kingdom of God. We can do no better than to connect people to Jesus for the transformation of our community. We are The Well.

We are teachers, bankers, artists, salespeople, retirees, volunteers. We are two and forty-two and ninety-two. We are groups who pray, who run, who quilt and play basketball. We are moderates, we are conservatives, and we are liberals. We are The Well. We are followers of Jesus. We have varied pasts and unknown futures. We are from across the street, across the town, across the country and across the planet. We are Black, White, Asian, Indian, and American Indian. We are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and we are straight. We are The Well. We are creators and we are created. We are a large, diverse, complicated family where not everyone thinks and feels the same way about everything. This is where our strength lies – it is in our unity without uniformity. We respect the breadth of opinions and the Scripture, tradition, experience and reason that leads us to our conclusions, holding that prejudice, hatred, discrimination and exclusion are contrary to our mission. We respect and love the members of this family just as and just who they are and seek to welcome all into this family.

Sunday Morning Worship Services

9:00  and 10:30am

The Well United Methodist Church

 14770 Canada Ave W

Rosemount MN 55068-4448

Phone: 651-423-2475


Pastor Chad Gilbertson