Walker Community United Methodist Church

Our Mission

To Nurture Spirituality, Build Caring Community, and Work Courageously for Peace with Justice and Mercy

Walker Community United Methodist Church

We are a community

First and foremost, this is a church of the community. Everyone brings their gifts to the table. Members coordinate outreach, provide pastoral care to each other, and facilitate the Sunday Celebration. At the end of the sermon, everyone is invited to participate in an open discussion.

We nurture spirituality
We have small groups that facilitate both rational and spiritual development.

We are inclusive

Our community is honored as it welcomes people of all ethnicities and nationalities. The extended Walker Community includes persons of different faith traditions — Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Wiccan, Muslim, and Sufi — who wish to walk with us for a while on their spiritual journey.

We are feminist

God is neither male nor female. As such, we at Walker Church do not confine God to the male or female pronoun, but use both interchangeable. While our pastor is male, we ensure that women’s voices are heard regularly from our pulpit.

We are reconciling
We welcome gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender persons. Walker community is an active Reconciling Congregation within the United Methodist Church.

We welcome the differently abled
We welcome persons who have physical disabilities and persons with mental illness. you will find a caring community here. The elevator entrance is on the west corner of the building near 31st Street.

Sunday Morning Schedule

9 am – Prayer and Meditation Circle
11 am – Congregational Singing and Celebration
11:30 pm – Worship

Rev. David Wheeler, Pastor

Walker Community United Methodist Church
3104 – 16th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Phone: 612-722-6612

Email: office@walkerchurch.org